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Tech Startup

We are a startup in the Wealth Management space and believe in helping people achieve Financial Wellness. Our first product, OtterBlotter, was released last year and is a RegTech tool for Broker Dealers. The development team working on Financity VR, Kordspace, has also launched numerous apps including financial applications for logistics & transportation companies, Amazon's Preptopia and Over Easy. Additionally, Kordspace has created legal case management software for lawyers and their clients, the app Legalese.

How to Play Financity

Set up and installation in 4 easy steps

System check

Before starting the installation process, make sure your device meets the minimum requirements to run the game. This includes checking your device's operating system, processor, memory, graphics, and storage.


You can download the game from the game’s official website or an authorized downloading platform. Simply follow the 'Download' button below and the game's setup file will start downloading to your default download location.


Once your download is completed, find the setup file in your device and double-click it to launch the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions. You will see a series of prompts that will guide you through the installation process.


Click 'Finish' or 'Done' at the end of the installation process. Congratulations, you have successfully installed the game. Now it's time to play!

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Our Story

Our campaign to raise some funding and awareness for Financity was originally on the Kickstarter platform. We are asking our previous supporters to consider funding us on our “self-hosted” crowdfunding campaign. This way we can guarantee that all proceeds go towards game development.

We inquired of Kickstarter why they were unable to complete the hosting and funding of our campaign for Financity VR, and we were told that “charitable causes do not qualify” for the Kickstarter funding. With this in mind we have decided to build our own page. This way we will be able to send rewards in an expedited fashion to all supporters, and ensure your donations are properly handled and processed for each of the available reward levels.

We thank all Financity fans and supporters for your patience and cooperation, while looking forward to helping you and many others grow in financial knowledge with these helpful new tools.

Step into the world of Financity – a realistic video game that allows users to master investing skills in a risk-free environment.

Financity is an open-world ecosystem for Investors (Vestors) to explore. Split into unique regions users can take the easy route and run from region-to-region or jump into a car, fast-tracking their adventures. 

Each region is home to major company buildings which house company stock information, analytics and insights. 

Users can buy or sell these company stocks and monitor their portfolio’s progress. Vestors can experiment with any investment strategy they choose.

Learn about technical analytics, understand what may underly trends, and make investment choices that can lead to gaming victory. 

The better you play Financity, the better you become at understanding the financial markets.

Gaming success depends on the actions of the Vestors. Our stock market simulations match the market randomness of the actual economy. Choose the right stocks and watch your WenVee stash grow. Make a mistake and your values plummet. 

Successful gamers can use their WenVee tokens to purchase in-game items like hats, shirts, and other clothing items.  Unsuccessful gamers can rebuild their capital by making smarter trades. Every day, we grant a small number of WenVees to Vestors so they’ll never be truly be out of gaming options.

If you are feeling stuck, advisors (Visors) are spread throughout the Financity world to offer advice and ideas. 

We selected a group of advisors to help Vestors develop a higher level of investment sophistication. These advisors can utilize Financity to evaluate your gaming performance and strategies via stock market experiments. They can review and compare portfolios and help by suggesting new paths to grow your WenVee stash. And as you develop relationships, you may decide to work with these advisors on your real-life portfolio.

Financity offers several ways to share investment knowledge . An ever-present chat window is available to users, letting them connect with friends and other Vestors to discuss strategies, trade secrets, or stock trends.

  • Three-quarters (75 percent) of American teens lack confidence in their knowledge of personal finance.
  • 25% of Americans say they don’t have anyone they can ask for trusted financial guidance.
  • More than half (54 percent) of teens report feeling unprepared to finance their future, while 41 percent say they haven’t had any financial literacy classes in school.
  • In 2021, Americans reported losing an average of $1,389 because of a lack of personal finance knowledge.
  • Source: Annuity.org, 2022 Junior Achievement USA Teens & Personal Finance Survey, Bankrate’s 2023 emergency savings report

Empower financial future with knowledge

Research reveals that high school graduates who’ve had education in personal finance demonstrate more fiscal responsibility. They’ve been found to have lower loan-default rates and superior credit scores, in comparison to graduates from neighboring states who didn’t attend such classes. 

Closing wealth disparities in the U.S can be achieved via financial education. When individuals are equipped with the necessary insights into money management, they tend to make far more informed and beneficial financial choices. Financity provides this type of financial education.

Integrate skills into everyday life

“It’s one thing to know the skills, but it’s also highly beneficial to start learning how to apply them into your everyday life,” said Brittany Griffin, policy and communications deputy at the Utah Office of State Treasurer, a member of the state’s financial literacy task force. 

Helping aspiring investors boost their financial literacy and utilizing money management skills will set themselves up for a secure economic future. 

Financity is an educational asset that teaches how to navigate the tricky world of investing.  Because when it comes to finances, knowledge truly is power.

A sought-after tool for education systems

Educational institutions are already excited to use Financity. Teaching financial literacy is a growing movement spreading across the US. Educators all over the country are exploring ways to implement this in their curriculum, starting as early as elementary school and continuing through university

It can be difficult for students to engage with financial knowledge tools. Video games can promote users to quickly become acquainted with many trading techniques. This allows them to dip their toes into many of the fundamentals of financial literacy, exposing players to concepts which will help them in the real world.

As investors, this is a distinctive opportunity to back a game that promotes financial literacy. We’re not just crafting a game; we’re building investors of the future.

What We Would Do With Funding

As we continue our journey towards crafting an immersive and challenging gaming experience, we’ve managed to set up an alpha version of our game. As we continue to innovate and expand our game, we are focusing on leveraging any additional resources to optimize and improve Financity.

Here is what we would like to enhance: 

1. Our game currently enables strategies centered on stock investment, but we seek to diversify this offering. We imagine adding bonds, short options, real estate, and investing in insurance and luxury goods.

2. To boost engagement and competitiveness, we’re also looking to introduce an achievement system, where users can go after financial targets, level up, and garner more experience.

3. Furthermore, we want to introduce a feature that encourages advisor engagement and precision. By sharing specific user stock activity, advisors would not just have complete transparency but can offer astute advice based on what investors are selling, how much they’re buying, and what companies they’re investing in.

Join us as we strive to level up our game. Your support would mean the world to our dream.

Risks and challenges

Crafting Financity is akin to masterfully choreographing shifts in hedge funds. It’s intricate and requires finesse but we absolutely love rising to the challenge. Navigating the landscape of game development can often mirror the unpredictability of the equity market. There are unseen obstacles and sudden declines, but it’s all part of the process. Our optimism lies in preparedness to face these trials. Our team features industry-savvy investment professionals with decades of experience. Adding to that, the powerful tech support of the Unreal Engine ensures our game mirrors reality with impeccable detail. While our journey to create Financity may encounter a few speed bumps, we stay devoted and driven by the mission. Your backing can turn the wheels faster, and united, no hurdle will be too high for us to scale. With your support, Financity’s success story is just waiting to be written.

Pledge Levels

By making a pledge you help Financity get one step closer to launch, while also getting fun unique merchandise only available to early adopters one-of-a-kind alpha merch. Your dollars go towards merchandise like hats, t-shirts, mugs, early access keys, and NFT character skins, which helps us fund Financity Development. 

Reward Tier 1

$10 USD - Our Thanks

Our deepest appreciation for your significant contribution towards expanding understanding of financial wellness.

Pledge $10
Reward Tier 2

$20 USD - Beta Tester

Be one of the first to play Financity in Alpha! Provide feedback and help us make the game the best it can be.

Pledge $20
Reward Tier 2

$30 USD - Sneak Peek

Access to the Steam key for an initial walkthrough from Beta testers. See how the game works before anyone else.

Pledge $30
Reward Tier 3

$50 USD - Special Merch

Snag the self-hosted crowdfunding exclusive “Financity Cityscape” T-Shirt for $50 USD.

Pledge $50
Reward Tier 4

$250 USD - Trader

Earn an exclusive NFT with Financity hat and T-shirt.

Pledge $250
Reward Tier 5

$500 USD - Portfolio Manager

Enjoy exclusive access, NFT, Financity hat, and T-shirt. You'll also have your name in the credits of the game as a major contributor.

Pledge $500
Reward Tier 6

$3,000 USD - Market Maker

Represented by exclusive access, NFT, Financity hat, T-shirt, and custom skin for your Financity avatar. You'll also have your name in the credits of the game as a major contributor.

Pledge $3000

Pre-loaded Balance

The game allows users to start with an initial balance of 50,000 WenVee tokens. After these free tokens, gamers make their own financial decisions-accruing more tokens or learning to lose them responsibly.

Test Out Theories

WenVee tokens are used to test investment theories and strategies in a simulated market environment. Although our market simulation is based on real stock movements, you can experiment freely without the 'real world' consequences.

Well-Informed Advisors

Advisors can utilize Financity to gauge their Investors performance and strategies via their stock market experiments and review and compare against other portfolios while suggesting new paths to grow their overall wealth.

Our Use of
Artificial Intelligence

What parts of your project will use AI generated content? Please be as specific as possible.

1. Design & Marketing: Some marketing material graphics, images and videos are AI generated and reviewed by our internal design team and further modified from there by human hands and designers. We use AI as a workflow tool and then use it again to up sample and scale our creative material resolutions etc… no more than 30% of our material images and video clips are AI derived or enhanced. 2. Development & Game Systems: In Unreal Engine 5 we use multiple libraries that connect to AI dependencies. The AI is specifically used on NPC dialog in the game from OpenAI integration so NPC dialog is dynamic across various characters and never repeats. We also use Eleven Labs for our voice acting in the game so the dialog generated is being read in a realistic voice sampled from our in house voice actors. Also there are orchestration AI for mob patterns, vehicle movements, etc… programmed into the game itself.

Do you have the consent of owners of the works that were (or will be) used to produce the AI generated portion of your projects? Please explain.

We have permission from the artists and for all sampled / enhanced AI work being used through licensing agreements, creative commons, etc… with all AI partners mentioned above. We are more than happy to provide the licenses for all the tools used in the development of our Unreal Engine 5 project. In most cases it is the people on our in house team that are providing their raw work such as voice acting samples, artwork etc… that is then being altered by AI afterwards. For library dependencies in the Unreal Engine 5 project we have purchased the tools verified over the Epic Games marketplace and hold licensing for all of it.

Latest Gameplay

Stretch Goals

Overall the Financity computer game will let you connect with Advisors in a way not previously explored in the investment space.

New educational experiences will be available to everyone to train them on making better financial decisions.

If you want to chip in to make our production move a bit faster, feel free to contribute to our crowd funding.

Main Simulation Features

Click through each picture below to learn about Financity’s unique features!

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