Helping People Achieve
Their Financial Goals

Own your wealth journey. Our mission is for investors to imagine their wealth accumulation goals and bring them to life with advice from their advisors.

A little guidance goes a long way

WealthEnV matches you with Advisors that are licensed professionals in order to help Investors define and achieve financial wellness.

They give Investors insights to help them grow and reach their financial goals.

Success comes from informed decisions

Become an informed Investor, get matched with a suitable Advisor, and achieve your desired financial wellness.

Your Advisor will suggest relevant investments based on your needs, goals, and risk tolerance profile. We believe our AI tools will create efficiencies that will enhance the relationship between the trusted Advisor and Investor.

Round out your financial knowledge

You can expand and diversify your sources of financial information. Exchange ideas with fellow Investors in Investor Club Chats or watch financial videos – you have options.

"One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals"

- Jean Vanier

The WealthEnV App Development Team

It takes a village to build great things - meet ours.

Marco Lopes

CTO & System Architect

Olivia Randolph

UI UX Designer

Jonathan Lim


Alicia Mayi

Chief Compliance Officer

Diego Rodriguez

Operations Manager

Timothy Hansen


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